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Assessing Your Life Insurance Needs and Options

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Assessing Your Life Insurance Needs and Options

Assessing your life insurance needs and options can give anyone a headache! With the wide range of insurance products available and the complexity of your family's needs, determining the appropriate insurance protection is difficult.

In order to make this task easier, VA's Life Insurance Program has provided you with some decision-making tools and helpful information that can assist you in learning more about life insurance and in identifying your insurance needs.

Decision-Making Tools

These two tools will help you make a more informed decision about your life insurance coverage.

  • Life Insurance Needs Calculator: Our interactive Life Insurance Needs Calculator will help you determine if you have enough life insurance to meet your family's needs. It's easy to do because we guide you every step of the way!
  • VGLI Comparison Questionnaire: Find out the real facts on VGLI! Learn about VGLI coverage provisions and see how they compare them to other life insurance plans. This will help you determine if VGLI is right for you.

Did you know?

Military Funeral Honors ceremonies must be scheduled in advance.

The law requires that every eligible veteran receive a military funeral honors ceremony, which includes the folding and presentation of the United States flag and the playing of “taps,” upon the family’s request. This Department of Defense program calls for the funeral director to request military funeral honors on behalf of the veteran’s family.