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Family Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (FSGLI)

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Family Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (FSGLI)

FSGLI is a program that provides term life insurance coverage to the spouses and dependent children of Servicemembers insured under SGLI. The Servicemember pays the premium for spousal coverage. Dependent children are insured at no cost.


Spouses and dependent children of the following are eligible for FSGLI:

  • Active duty Servicemembers covered by full-time SGLI and
  • members of the National Guard or Ready Reserve of a uniformed service covered by full-time SGLI.

Family coverage is available only to members insured under the SGLI program. It is not available to those insured under the VGLI program. If you are covered under full-time SGLI, you are eligible to insure your spouse, regardless of whether your spouse is on active duty, retired, or is a civilian.


FSGLI provides up to a maximum of $100,000 of insurance coverage for spouses, not to exceed the Servicemembers’ SGLI coverage amount, and $10,000 for dependent children.

If you are insured under full time SGLI, spouse coverage may or may not be automatic. Please review the table below to determine if your spouse is covered.

If your spouse is...and...then...
not a member of the uniformed services your spouse is automatically covered for the maximum spouse coverage unless you reduce or cancel this coverage.
a member of the uniformed services you married on or after January 2, 2013 you and your spouse are not automatically covered under spouse coverage. You and/or your spouse must apply if you want spouse coverage (see how to apply).

Visit our FSGLI Procedural Guide for more information about spouse and dependent coverage

How to Apply

If you are covered under full time SGLI and your spouse is not automatically covered, you may apply for spouse coverage by completing SGLV Form 8286A and submitting the form to your uniformed service.

How to Reduce, Decline or Cancel Coverage

You may reduce, decline or cancel your spouse coverage by completing SGLV Form 8286A and submitting the form to your uniformed service. Dependent child coverage is free and cannot be reduced, declined or or canceled.


FSGLI coverage is available in increments of $10,000. You pay a premium for your spouse’s coverage, which increases as your spouse ages. Coverage for your child is provided at no cost until the child is 18, unless the child is a full-time student or becomes permanently and totally disabled and incapable of self-support prior to age 18.

Spousal Monthly Premium Rates

Amount of InsuranceAge of Spouse
under 3535-3940-4445-4950-5455-5960 & Over
$100,000 $5.00 $6.50 $8.50 $13.00 $25.00 $37.00 $50.00
$90,000 $4.50 $5.85 $7.65 $11.70 $22.50 33.30 $45.00
$80,000 $4.00 $5.20 $6.80 $10.40 $20.00 $29.60 $40.00
$70,000 $3.50 $4.55 $5.95 $9.10 $17.50 $25.90 $35.00
$60,000 $3.00 $3.90 $5.10 $7.80 $15.00 $22.20 $30.00
$50,000 $2.50 $3.25 $4.25 $6.50 $12.50 $18.50 $25.00
$40,000 $2.00 $2.60 $3.40 $5.20 $10.00 $14.80 $20.00
$30,000 $1.50 $1.95 $2.55 $3.90 $7.50 $11.10 $15.00
$20,000 $1.00 $1.30 $1.70 $2.60 $5.00 $7.40 $10.00
$10,000 $0.50 $0.65 $0.85 $1.30 $2.50 $3.70 $5.00

Use the Insurance Needs Calculator to assess your life insurance needs and determine if you have enough coverage.

Premium Deductions

FSGLI premiums are automatically deducted from your pay. If your spouse is automatically insured, you are responsible for premiums. If your spouse is registered in DEERS, premiums will be automatically deducted from your pay. If you have not registered your spouse, you are still responsible for premiums and when he/she is registered, you will incur a debt for back premiums.

Converting FSGLI Coverage

Spouses who are insured under the Family SGLI program have the option to convert Spousal Coverage to an individual policy of insurance within 120 days from any of the following events:

  • The date of the Servicemember's separation from the military
  • The date of the Servicemember's divorce from current spouse
  • The date of the Servicemember's written election ( SGLV Form 8286A) to terminate Spousal SGLI coverage
  • The date of the Servicemembers written election (SGLV Form 8286) to terminate his/her SGLI coverage
  • The date of the Servicemember's death.

Spouses covered under Family SGLI may convert their coverage to a commercial policy at standard premium rates, without having to provide proof of good health. The conversion policy must be a permanent policy, such as a whole life policy.

Other types of policies, such as Term, Variable Life, or Universal Life Insurance are not allowed as conversion policies. In addition, supplementary policy benefits such as Accidental Death and Dismemberment or Waiver of Premium for Disability are not considered part of the conversion policy.

If a spouse wishes to convert Spousal SGLI Coverage, the spouse must apply for conversion within 120 days from any of the events listed above and must also:

  • Select a company from the Participating Companies listing
  • Apply to a local sales office of the company selected
  • Give a copy of the most recent Leave and Earnings Statement to the agent, showing the deduction for Spousal SGLI, along with an applicable proof of coverage from the list below:
    • The Servicemember's separation document (Form DD-214 or NGB-22, or written orders)
    • The Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage between the spouse and the Servicemember
    • The Servicemember's FSGLI Spousal declination ( SGLV Form 8286A
    • The Servicemember's SGLI declination (SGLV Form 8286)
    • The Servicemember's proof of death (Report of Casualty Form DD 1300 or civilian death certificate)

Did you know?

The issuance or replacement of military service medals, awards and decorations must be requested in writing.

Requests should be submitted in writing to the appropriate military service branch division of the NPRC. Standard form (SF 180), available through the VA, is recommended to submit your request. Generally, there is no charge for medal or award replacements. For more information, or for the mailing address of the military branch office to submit your request to, call 1-86-NARA-NARA (1-866-272-6272) or visit the NPRC website at